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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Bariceutical Prescription

Nutritionally deprived, wrinkled, drained and tired is not what Silvia Demeter envisioned when she underwent gastric banding surgery in 2003. But that is how she found herself feeling after losing weight.

"I felt like I was starving. My skin was wrinkled, my hair was falling out. I felt drained and tired. Even grocery shopping or caring for my family was a chore. By 5PM each day I was a couch potato," said Silvia. Even as an obese person Silvia was mindful of nutrition turning to organic solutions to meet her nutrional needs. " After surgery I was taking the hard-tablet vitamins prescribed by my surgical weight loss center. But with a gastric band hard vitamins get stuck and I suffered from acid reflux."

But worse than the acid reflux was the inability of Silvia's body to absorb the greatly needed nutrients in the vitamins. Studies indicate that it takes a normal digestive system as long as four hours to absorb as little as 20% of the nutrients in a vitamin. The inactive ingredients in vitamins such as binders, fillers, artificial colors, flavors, wax coatings and preservatives slow down absorption.

No wonder Silvia and so many weight loss surgery patients are nutritionally deficient.

In her very personal struggle to become nutritionally healthy Silvia visited health food stores and started mixing her own cocktail of liquid vitamins. But it wasn't enough. "I started attending conventions and consulting with an absorption specialist, along with many bariatric professionals because there had to be a better way to meet my nutritional needs," said Silvia.

Silvia became her own scientist and surrounded herself with the best experts in the fields of nutrition, absorption and bariatrics. The result: The BariCeutical Prescription, the only patent-pending bariatric supplements specifically designed for the bariatric patients and endorsed by top physicians in the United States.

BariCeutical liquid vitamins immediately release nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract within thirty seconds of consumption and the overall absorption is 98%. Silvia says, "With each vitamin supplement that we make our goal is to provide you with meaningful vitamins that provide you maximum benefit. Through research, quality control and quality ingredients that's the BariCeutical Prescription difference. It's our life's work."

Silvia Demeter is the real deal: she is one of us. Her passion for living well after gastric weight loss surgery is unsurpassed. "I founded this company for me because I wanted to feel like my old self, full of energy and ambition. Now it is my pleasure to share these products with the world of weight loss surgery so that everyone can be nourished and feel the energy of a healthy weight well-fed body."

Learn more about The BariCeutical Prescription and living a well-balanced nutritionally fit life.


Anonymous said...

How incredibly expensive that is. Male 15 day supply $60??? 4 Dollars a day seems to be a little rich for my blood unless it was a situation where I would die without it.

Mary said...

With most liquid anything, they usually taste bad. How do these taste? Can it or should it be mixed with anything to help with the flavors?



Kaye Bailey said...

Mary - These liquid vitamins are quite appealing and there is no aftertaste or vitamin burps. A very good product.

As for the cost - I would rather pay $4 a day for a product that has a 98% absorption rate for surgical weight loss patients than $2 a day for a product with negligible absorption.

Pennywise60 said...

Sounds good but looks like just another way to "gauge" over weight people again!!