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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Review: The Neighborhood Cookbook

Our LivingAfterWLS Food & Nutrition Editor Barbara Gibbons recently reviewed the Neighborhood Cookbook. Here is what she had to say about this weight loss surgery specific cookbook that was created by patients for patients:

There are so many new neighbors here that I thought I would post a topic about our very special publication. Not to be confused with the ‘Community Kitchen’ which is a live forum, the Neighborhood Cookbook was a labor of love produced by WLS patients for WLS patients.

As with most cookbooks, there are introductory pages [about Kaye (our Founder), about Living After WLS and all the affiliated websites (one of which is the Neighborhood itself), about the Living After WLS philosophy, and about the neighbors themselves].

It is appropriately titled “A Collection of Neighborhood Recipes”. We all refer to it as the Neighborhood Cookbook. What better way for us to help each other than to share? In the Neighborhood we share all that is happening in our lives from the perspective of the pre-op or post-op WLS patient. The Neighborhood Cookbook is the ultimate sharing.

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It has the usual chapters that cookbooks include with the Desserts chapter focusing on SENSIBLE desserts. There are quotes from neighbors on divider pages between chapters and several blank pages for the owner to include some of their own favorite recipes. Among the most interesting pages in the book are instructional pages explaining how to use a wine reduction in place of a gravy, explaining complex carbs and cruciferous vegetables, or how to eat chocolate after WLS to name a few.

At the end of the book there is a true index so you can find the recipes you want at a glance.

If you own this cookbook, take it off the shelf and plan your next week’s menu around some new recipes that you haven’t tried from the Neighborhood Cookbook. These recipes have been tried, liked and submitted by your friends in the Neighborhood; a book written with you in mind, with no worries about, “Can I eat this?”

If you don’t own this cookbook, why not give it a try? Remember that each recipe has been submitted by folks like you and it can add so much more variety into your post WLS diet no matter what stage you are at.

Most of you know that we are editing the newest cookbook from the neighborhood. This book will have more than double the recipes of the first one and will have photo pages as well as tips and techniques, basic foundation recipes and many more features. People have wondered when it will be ready for sale. Kaye has said that it will most likely be released in the 3rd quarter, sometime in July. In the meantime, continue to enjoy the cookbook that we DO have available. It is a treasure trove of good recipes for the WLS world.
Want to sample some recipes from the cookbook? Click here: Kaye's Favorite Weeknight Meals

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