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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Vitamin Bundle at Bariceuticals

Silvia Demeter, our friend and founder of the made-just-for-us Bariceuticals™ liquid vitamins has put together a new product bundle. Called "Cathy's Choice" the kit includes a 30 Day Supply of our famous liquid multi-vitamins and our pharmaceutical grade sublingual B-12 complex spray. You will also receive 30 day supply of our exclusive iron tabs. In this kit you will so receive a free sample of total protein. This is affordable priced at just $99 for the months supply.

Bariceuticals™ vitamins have been specifically formulated to be absorbed by surgical weight loss patients. Silvia tells us, "Our patent pending Bariceuticals™ are the only complete liquid nutritional supplementation system that is completely formulated ingredient by ingredient to target the unique absorption needs of bariatric patients. With this system you will consume only the ingredients that the body is lacking, or will lack shortly after surgery. We do not use unnecessary ingredients that can bind together or cancel each other out, thus causing a void of nutrients."

When we undergo weight loss surgery we are told that our bodies will not absorb vitamins and nutrients the same way as one without surgery. Many people opt to take inexpensive multi-vitamins and often they report feeling weary, lifeless, sad and unenergized. That is because they are nutrient deficient. Silvia says, "The liquid format of Bariceuticals™ has an absorption rate of 80 to 90% in the upper intestine where nutrients are most readily absorbed. Our goal is to educate you, our consumer, on Bariceuticals™. We know that an educated bariatric patient is our best customer."

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Silvia is genuinely concerned about our best health after WLS and she easily recalls the days and months following her own surgical weight loss when she felt lethargic and lifeless. That is how she came to be the founder of this quality nutritional supplement: she herself wanted to feel better. She says, "We at Bariceuticals™ want nothing more than for you to absolutely love the new you. You deserve to feel and look great. To that end we ask you to give Bariceuticals™ a two to three week trial period. You will feel a difference, in a week’s time. If your body is extremely deficient your trial phase may take two weeks. At the end of your trial phase, if you don't absolutely love Bariceuticals™, please return the unused portion for a full refund - including shipping cost. We are that confident that you will embrace Bariceuticals™."

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