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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Randy Jackson Diet Book Coming Soon!

Randy Jackson

As reported in OK Magazine Randy Jackson, who had gastric bypass in 2003 and lost 150 pounds, announced the forthcoming publication of his own diet book, "The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Fit, Eating Better, and Living Longer" due out in November.

Jackson 51, who announced this year that he has Type II diabetes, says he has tried every diet under the Sun, and he swears that his new approach holds the key to the "new you".

In the diet blog community this publication is being met with great skepticism. At Diet Blog Gerald "Gerry" Pugliese says, "If you were looking for an ambassador for healthy living, you might not make a beeline for Randy Jackson." The comments are even more critical. Gwendolyn writes, "I'm sorry, someone who failed at life and had to get a gastric bypass and is **still fat** should never ever write anything about dieting and nutrition."

I don't know Mr. Jackson personally, but I do know that weight loss and weight maintenance is a challenge with or without surgical weight loss. Mr. Jackson is not the first person to struggle with weight control after gastric bypass and he will not be the last. I say kudos to the man! I hope his book makes real the struggles with weight control and healthy living. I hope it inspires others who may have struggled with weight control after surgical weight loss.

Take a look at the 5 Day Pouch Test message board in the LivingAfterWLS Neighborhood - Randy Jackson is not the only person who still struggles with weight control after a surgical weight loss procedure.

Best to you Randy Jackson. I wish you splendid success with your forthcoming book and look forward to reading it.

What are your thoughts? Is Randy Jackson a qualified authority to write about fitness, diet and longevity?

And for those struggling with weight regain after weight loss surgery: Please visit the 5 Day Pouch Test website and learn a way to take control of your surgical tool.

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Andy MacLellan said...

This should be an interesting read. I am looking forward to hearing his perspective on his experience.