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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Have you played Question of the Day?

Our Neighborhood crazy girl ~Jane~ has introduced us to a fun new daily diversion: Question of the Day! In her usual "Hokey Fright" manner she tosses out a random question for discussion: sometimes weight loss related, sometimes simply random. There are no rules, no prizes, and the conversations can last for days. How fun is that?

The Neighbors have picked up on this bit 'o fun and there is always something new to learn about our friends and Neighbors. Take a look:

QOTD - February 18, 2009: When you were very first beginning to lose weight soon after your WLS, what was the first thing that you bought out of sheer joy that you wouldn't have fit into before wls? Go Here

QOTD - February 17, 2009: What are you good at doing? I mean really, really good?

QOTD - February 16, 2009: When you were a kid did you want to grow up to be the president? In all of your years, childhood up to today, have you ever been president of anything? If so, what? Find out more here

QOTD - February 15: When you've got company (yeah like your folk's and neice or somethin') and everyone agrees to go to a restaurant that really hasn't got much that's good for you... we're talking sauces, gravies, fried stuff, bready greasy things, all admittedly very delicious but major no-nos in probably everybody's diet, but especially yours... and you don't have any "emergency rations" with you, (because you used them at lunchtime when they ate subs) you're not going to see food again for about 4 hours and you're really honestly hungry. What do you do? What do you order? Get ideas here

Thanks ~Jane~ for a great fun time and for making the Neighborhood a well rounded community about so much more than just weight loss surgery.

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