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Monday, February 23, 2009

Taking Supplements: Tough Pill to Swallow

Kaye Bailey syndicated articles

We have all been told to take our vitamins after gastric bypass weight loss surgery. In order to be nutritionally healthy we must supplement because the malabsorptive system prevents key nutrients from being absorbed by the body. But new patients report difficulty swallowing pills because of liquid restriction and tightness in the new stomach pouch.

Here are some strategies for getting those all important supplements down:

Applesauce: Try coating the bottom of a spoon with applesauce. Place the pill (either whole or crushed) on top of the applesauce and add another dollop of applesauce to the spoon. Simply swallow the spoonful of applesauce.

Yogurt: You can use the method above substituting yogurt (unsweetened, low-fat) for the applesauce.

Back of the throat: Place the tablet or capsule on the tongue at the very back of the throat. Take a small sip of water, lean your head back and swallow. Take one pill at a time pausing for two-three minutes between each one to allow the tiny pouch to settle.

Some patients report never having trouble taking vitamins or medications after weight loss surgery. This is perfectly fine and does not mean the stomach pouch is enlarged or not working. Just like before surgery, some people have more difficulty swallowing pills than others. It is quite personal.

The universal thing is to remember to take the vitamin supplements and other medications daily on schedule. Consistency results in the best health of the weight loss surgery patient. For a list of recommended supplements for weight loss surgery patients visit LivingAfterWLS.

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