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Monday, February 09, 2009

Proper Walking Form

Hi Neighbors!

A few posts ago I wrote about good reasons for starting a walking program. I think that universally walking is the favorite exercise or sport of most weight loss surgery patients. I know I love a good walk just about as much as anyone. So, from the previously cited "Walk it Off" publication from Reader's Digest I am sharing tips for proper walking form. To keep me focused I photocopied this page and have it on the data-deck of my treadmill.

"Walk Tall" Page 15.

Walking feels easier and is less likely to lead to injury when you use good form. follow these tips.

-- Keep your shoulders relaxed, down, and slightly back.
-- Stand up straight, not hunched forward.
-- Stride length should feel natural, not strained. Longer isn't better.
-- Keep your elbows bent at about 90-degree angles. Pump them forward and back; they shouldn't cross in front of your body.
-- Land first on your heel, then roll forward across the ball of your foot and push off with your toes.

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