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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

5 Day Pouch Test Dangerous: Kaye Answers

by Kaye Bailey
Since the 5 Day Pouch Test was introduced thousands of people have taken control of their surgical weight loss tool by following this basic 5-day plan. The plan, which started as a simple blog post in 2007, now has a website, a blog, and over 2,000 copies of the "Owner's Manual" have been sold to people around the world. The plan and book have received positive acclaim and I am thrilled that so many people have benefited from the program.

Every now and then criticism comes along and as a researcher and writer I expect that. Recently the criticism is that the plan is dangerous and nothing more than a fad diet. Today I will put your mind at rest that you can safely and smartly use this plan to accomplish the goals and lifestyle changes that inspired you to have weight loss surgery in the first place.

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The plan, when followed as written, is not dangerous. Often patients who have gained weight or feel like their pouch is no longer working are told by their medical professionals, "You just need to get back to basics." The patient, who is already suffering feelings of failure or frustration, leaves the office feeling even worse. So they jump, cold turkey, back to high protein eating without a transitional phase from a carbohydrate cycle. This is physiological disaster not unlike a smoker going cold turkey off nicotine. When the carb cravings become unbearable we, out of necessity, reach for the comfort food and feel physically better but mentally tormented at our lack of will power.

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