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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Another Upgrade to the General Store

Hey Neighbors! Wondering where I've been? Let me say -- we introduced the "new" store on June 8 and with that launch released a storm of 1000 screaming HTML rats. cool-smiley-013.gif The utility our reputable hosting company provided was clumsy, unreliable, inconsistent and so 1998. It was taking our small staff of 4 (5 if I could sucker Jim into helping) 7 hours a day just to process and fulfill orders -- and we hope we got them right. UGH!

Jump ahead 3 weeks later ----

Tonight, after many long hours, (Thanks Scoop) we've launched a new store utility. At first glance it appears to be much cleaner and our test transactions have gone through 100% flawlessly. And it's pretty. nature-smiley-008.gif I think Nancy will like it! Take a look and let me know what you think. I honestly have my hand on the HTML Bible with hopes that this is significantly improved over what we have put-up with for the last few weeks. I've missed everyone and I don't want to spend this kind of time building a perfect storm of frustration any longer!

I want to offer a big hug of thanks to those who have supported LivingAfterWLS through our store. It was never my dream or vision to become an online merchant (still isn't my dream - I want to go back to writing one of these days!) But LivingAfterWLS has taken a life of its own and you can be assured that when LAWLS offers products it is with my 100% endorsement. So far merchandising hasn't made me or LAWLS rich -- but it has made a lot of people happy. (Check out Fun Stuff to pre-order your You Have Arrived coffee mug that begins shipping July 8!)

Thanks Everyone. And thanks to all you special people who have kept the Neighborhood chugging along when there are days I cannot be here. You are one super special group of Neighbors.

LivingAfterWLS NEW-NEW General Store


Ky said...

Hello. I found your blog tonight after reading your article, "Dumping Syndrome: The Dirty Secret Gastric Bypass Patients Keep". I found your article doing a google search on dumping syndrome. I am 2 years 1 month post op (Gastric Bypass) and lost 205 lbs which I have also kept off. I haven't however been able to avoid dumping and your description of how you dump almost mirrors mine. I have become very frustrated, and just wanted to say that when I read your article I didn't feel so isolated or alone. Thank you for sharing your journey and helping me to know that there isn't something wrong with me - but rather that I need to focus on the basics in order to avoid this very uncomfortable and distressing consequence of WLS. Anyway - thank you again.

Kaye Bailey said...

Thanks for your comment Ky and for visiting my blog. I'm always glad to hear from someone else about dumping because in all honesty it is a very lonely and helpless experience.

My best to you!