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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happening in the Neighborhood

Good things are happening in the LivingAfterWLS Neighborhood - Our weight loss surgery safe haven circle of friends. Check out some of the great conversations we are enjoying today and join us!

Celebrating our Neighbor's Hard Work!
Diana is down 17 pounds in two weeks following the 5 Day Pouch Test & Day 6 way of LIVING!

Unofficial Sleep Survey
Kim wants to know how all of the Post-Ops are sleeping. Please take part in my unofficial survey in order to help cure me of my curiosity. I may sleep better with the knowledge! Take her quick and painless survey here.

Spring Fitness Training Group
Lots of run and walk events coming up in May! Join our Neighborhood team training group and share your hints, tips & enthusiasm as we all get ready to particpate in fun physical activities in the warm months ahead!

Driver's License - Did you fudge on your your weight?
We're taking a survey: Is your driver's license a factual document including height, weight and hair color or is it a work of fiction written by an optimist?

Popcorn -- Do or Don't
What have you been told about eating popcorn after weight loss surgery? Is snacking on this "healthy snack" a do or don't after weight loss surgery? Interesting discussion!

Fun Friday
Gwenda is Back! Get ready for another round of fun at our weekly Neighborhood game where we get to know our Neighbors and have the chance to win fabulous prizes!

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