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Friday, April 16, 2010

Marian the Librarian-LivingAfterWLS Curator

As we have amassed a great collection of knowledge here at LivingAfterWLS (dating back to the original blog post in 2005) it has become increasingly apparent that a means is necessary to organize this data making it readily available for the benefit of all. Not long ago I learned of a curating service expert at the daunting task of organizing, indexing and referencing our vast body of knowledge here in the Neighborhood and all electronic stations of LivingAfterWLS. What a relief! We have often said that we are the pioneers in the front lines of Living after weight loss surgery -- but if our knowledge is lost or disorganized it has forfeited its value.

Enter Marian the Librarian. Online you will see the personality "Marian the Librarian" offer links to previous discussions, articles or relevant postings as deemed appropriate by the curating team. In addition you will see the curator "Marian the Librarian" post notice of new content in other social media owned by LivingAfterWLS such as our LivingAfterWLS YouTube channel or LivingAfterWLS Blog, Twitter or Facebook pages.

Meet Marian the Librarian our Neighborhood Curator

As any good Librarian, Marian will quietly point us in the direction of valuable content, but will not offer personal opinion or comment. You will visually recognize her by the Avatar posted above and know that the links she provides are valid LivingAfterWLS links and authentic spammer-free content. I am looking forward to what she pulls up from the list of over 150,000 posts here in the Neighborhood -- I know there is lots of great content down deep just waiting to be rediscovered.

If you have a specific question you would like Marian to address -- research questions only -- Please post it to this thread:

Ask Marian the Librarian

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