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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Captivating Conversations in the Neighborhood

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Dietary Sensibility Prevails Even With Weight Loss Surgery
Ya know Kaye, this is the type of article that needs to be handed out, fully understood, and signed as an oath with serious repercussions, then followed strictly for a short trial period. Then and only then (unless the person will *literally die* within a few months without the surgery) should anyone even GET WLS! --Diana
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Day 6 and Carbs....
Ok, so I finished the 5 day pouch test. Did very well and I am feeling great! My question is this, how many grams of carbs is acceptable at this stage for our daily intake? My nut says we still need them, but they should be healthy ones. I am afraid to fall back into the carb lovin' fool that I am. Any suggestions would be appreciated! --mommazimm
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Where do the Sleevers Go?
There are plenty of sleeve patients with experience to share. I would really like to see this group identify and maintain Sleevers. How bout it? --BigManWalking
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