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Monday, June 21, 2010

Fresh WLS Reading for Lasting Success

Online Peer-to-Peer Connections Key in Weight Loss Surgery Success
Weight loss surgery is no different from other diet programs: it comes with rules. But perhaps the most important factor in long-term success with weight loss surgery is the empowerment that comes from peer-to-peer support. People who surround themselves with a positive support network are more likely to lose weight and sustain weight loss than those who go it alone. Learn more about the value of support systems for weight loss. 
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Dark Meat Chicken and the High Protein Weight Loss Surgery Diet 
Often overlooked, dark meat drumsticks and chicken thighs can play a delicious and healthful role in the weight loss surgery high protein diet. Learn about the nutritional value and health benefits found in dark meat poultry.
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Dining Out With Your Weight Loss Surgery Pouch at the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet
The All-You-Can-Eat buffet is a beloved American dining tradition where plentiful choice meets good value. But for the weight loss surgery patient whose gastric pouch can hold the volume of food that would fill a coffee cup the buffet can be torture.
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Chained to a Desk? Five Sneaky Ways to Put Motion in Your Day
Like many office workers I start the day with good intentions of getting to the gym after work, but invariably interruptions happen and my workout session gets pushed off the schedule. One missed workout becomes two and next a week has passed and I have not laced my cross trainer shoes.
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When Cravings Strike Practice Calm Response After Weight Loss Surgery
People who undergo weight loss surgery for the treatment of obesity know the surgery is only a tool in their overall weight management and sometimes food cravings will strike. Learning to practice calm response in reaction to food cravings is beneficial to the overall management of health and weight control. Learn how you can manage your food cravings with calm response.
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D. Pills said...

hi ...I joined WW to lose those last few really stubborn pounds. At first, all was going well and I figured I'd be rocking Lifetime in a few short months. Then I stalled. Then I gained. Then I lost. Then I stalled. Then I gained. Then I lost. Then I stalled. You get the works