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Monday, April 04, 2011

Should "Daily Vitamins" be Rule #5?

Earlier this year we concluded our four-part Weekly Digest series refresher course of the weight loss surgery Four Rules. You know them by heart: Protein First; Lots of Water; No Snacking; Daily Exercise. I have long wondered, as many of you have, why taking our vitamin supplements is not part of the near-sacred list that is used almost universally by bariatric centers around the world. After all, we are instructed at length about our need for vitamins supplementation after a gastric weight loss surgery, particularly if we have undergone an malabsorptive procedure. So in keeping with our review of the daily activities that support and sustain our health after surgery today we look at Vitamin Supplements .  Join me in making this your unwritten Rule #5 for good health and wellness after weight loss surgery.

As a gentle reminder we added "Don't forget your vitamin supplements" to our cheerful Spring and Summer 2011 Four Rules refrigerator magnet. You can get the magnet for free when you place an order at the LivingAfterWLS General Store any time in April. Shop Now

As with all things related to our weight loss surgery, your specific vitamin supplementation prescription should be made by your bariatric surgeon, bariatric nutritionist and/or general care physician. Annual blood tests will determine deficiencies which can be treated with supplementation. So please, be informed about your vitamin and mineral intake and visit candidly with your health care team to ensure your best health. You deserve to be your nutritional best. In this digest we have included articles and links to help you be better informed about nutritional supplements and the impact they have on our wellness.

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