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Monday, June 20, 2011

Dumping, Dehydration & Other Summer Dangers

Did you know that weight loss surgery patients report more episodes of dumping in the warm summer months than any other time of year? Take a look at today's LivingAfterWLS Digest to learn more and avoid the things that cause dumping. Tons of good information for you today. enjoy!

Over the last several years in working with my fellow weight loss surgery patients I have observed an increase of reported incidence of dumping syndrome and dehydration in the warm summer months. While my study is not scientific, I have observed some common factors that lead to the dumping. In sharing some of what I have learned today from  so many of you I hope we can continue to build our collective knowledge and understanding of dumping syndrome. 

Most people believe that dumping is the exclusive fate of gastric bypass patients. However, adjustable gastric banding (lap-band) and gastric sleeve patients who follow a strict Protein First diet and then suddenly deviate by eating sweets or fried food have reported symptoms of dumping syndrome. I believe all patients of bariatric surgery, regardless of the procedure, should be familiar with the causes and symptoms of dumping syndrome. Today's Digest addresses dumping syndrome and dehydration. Please take a look at the information and arm yourself with knowledge!

Summer begins tomorrow and with it comes warmer weather and hopefully a more relaxed pace of living. And while it is a great time to enjoy our improved health with weight loss surgery it is exactly this relaxation of compliance to the Four Rules that gets us in trouble with dehydration or dumping. I am committed this summer to getting in an extra glass of water and enjoying my protein first so my summer fun is not disrupted by an inconvenient dumping episode or bout with dehydration. Will you join me in making the Summer of 2011 a "Dump-Free Zone"?  Remember - We are all in this together!  Newsletter Refresher Series: Four Rules

Best Wishes!
Kaye Bailey

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