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Friday, June 10, 2011

Neighborhood News: Friday June 10

Happy Fun Friday to you All!

Thank you so much for your support & patience during the unscheduled outage of the LivingAfterWLS Neighborhood beginning June 5 and resolved on June 8. This was only the second serious unscheduled outage in the 5 year history of the Neighborhood but stressful to myself and the Tech Team nonetheless. I am genuinely grateful to you, My Neighbors, for your patience and understanding. It is with joyful sincerity that I invite you to drop back to the Neighborhood which has always been and continues to be your Safe Have Circle of Friends and the best online destination for weight loss surgery support.

Great Things Coming Soon!!
We have some exciting changes scheduled in the next few weeks so please keep an eye out for these improvements to your community. I am really excited about the coming addition of a Download Database where we may work together to build an article resource and recipe collection. This will be a free feature to all registered members. Our Premier members (paid subscribers) will enjoy an exciting new feature called "Member Marketplace" where you will be able to promote and sale goods via the Neighborhood. This feature, The Neighborhood Bazaar will be a great place to pass along clothes to your WLS Neighbors as we downsize our bodies on the way to better health. In addition members will have an option to offer electronic products (think eBooks) and hand crafted items all subject to our Appropriate Content Policy (to be posted at the time of roll-out; basically a boiler plate policy of reasonable use specifying no adult content). And finally - for all members who choose to take advantage we will have more social connection options. Currently we allow Twitter and Facebook log-in using your information from those accounts and Social Network Sharing of posts - see the social buttons at the bottom of each post page. Additional Social Network features including "LIKE" and "Google +1" sharing are forthcoming.

Your Privacy is Our Business
But speaking of social networking let me take a moment to discuss you and your privacy in the LivingAfterWLS Neighborhood. The LivingAfterWLS Neighborhood offers the highest level of privacy protection possible in an online community: See Guidelines. We do not share your contact data (ie; email data) or release our lists to advertisers. For me the subject of weight loss surgery has been very personal and privacy, particularly during weight loss, has been deeply important to me. I know it is to you as well. Only this week we learned that one popular social network now uses facial recognition for pictures shared on their website. This function is automatic unless the member opts-out by making a purposeful and complicated adjustment to their rofile. If a user does not change their preferences then any picture posted is scanned and tagged with facial recognition software. In contrast our Premier (paid subscribers) Members in the Neighborhood may post pictures knowing that only registered members of the site will see the pictures: not search engines and not lurkers. In addition, it is very easy to mark a photo private and share with your select group of Neighbors rather than the entire World Wide Web. We do not make random changes to our Privacy Policy and we value you as a multi-dimensional person. We want you to feel comfortable with what you share here and how that sharing is used: You Are In Control. Like the Gallery, Premier members enjoy the same privacy options on their blogs. You set the level of sharing. By the way - our subscriptions prices are low and simply support operation of the Neighborhood so we do not have to intrude on your space with constant advertising that you see on all other sites. Pennies a day to protect your privacy. Go Here to Learn About Subscription packages.

The best place to learn about your options and settings is to click the down-arrow to the right of your Display Name in the upper right corner of the screen: Neighborhood Home Page. From there you can select the option link and review your settings making adjustments as you desire.

Also Helpful: LivingAfterWLS User Help Guide New & Up-to-Date with all the new features that make navigation & using the Neighborhood better than ever.

That is the Neighborhood News for today! We will soon have 10,000 registered Neighbors from around the world. We come from all walks of life with different backgrounds and experience: But we are united in our goal to become healthier by managing our weight and medical conditions with weight loss surgery. The Neighborhood is your Safe Haven for connecting, supporting and sharing. It will be great to see you there!

Have a great day and weekend. Take some time to play our weekly Fun Friday Game and be sure to enter our Neighborhood Haiku Contest -- You can win fabulous prizes! And have a good time doing it!

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