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Monday, August 15, 2011

Have you got class? LivingAfterWLS Alumni Club - Connect & Support

You Have Arrived Alumni Club

Connect with other weight loss surgery patients who are at the same stage as you. Simply look for the year of your surgery and join the conversation in the "Class of" sub-forum. All surgical procedures can participate in each "Class of" sub-forum. Let's share our collective experience and support one another who are near the same stage in the journey.

To find your Class follow this trail in the LivingAfterWLS Neighborhood:

Welcome Class of 2011 - You Have Arrived

Hello Neighbors and a Joyous greeting to all who have (or will) Arrived in 2011!  This is the space for our weight loss surgery Neighbors in the Class of 2011 to connect with others and share the weight loss surgery journey! Welcome to our Neighborhood - we are so glad to have you here!

Welcome Class of 2012 - Your Journey Is Now
Are you considering weight loss surgery in 2012 or have you already scheduled an "Arrival" date? This forum, the You Have Arrived Alumni Club Class of 2012 is your place to connect with other people considering surgery in the coming year. Ask your pre-op questions and meet a WLS Neighbor who is at the same stage in the journey as you are right now. Nothing promotes successful weight management than having a strong and dependable support network. Connect now and be ready to begin your new life in 2012!

To find your CLASS go to the parent forum:
You Have Arrived Alumni Club

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