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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

HOT TOPIC: Carbonated Drinks - The Neighborhood

Carbonated Drinks - The Neighborhood

Asked in the Neighborhood: "Can someone please tell me why carbonated drinks are such a no go for gastric bypass people?" -- Swampymoo from Austrlia

Are you a weight loss surgery patient asking questions about including carbonated drinks in your diet? I confess, the heat of the summer is when I really crave a refreshing Diet Coke on ice - before surgery I considered it to be my "Breakfast, lunch & dinner of champions." And late last year I found myself hooked on it again - 11 years after surgery. We are discussing this very issue in the LivingAfterWLS Neighborhood. Join us in the discussion and let us know what your bariatric center told you and how you are treating the carbonated beverage advice!  This is a great topic- thanks to Swampymoo from Australia for opening the discussion!

Join us in the Neighborhood!

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