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Monday, September 22, 2014

Stop the Competition! This is a matter of your health.

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5 Day Pouch Test Fall Special Edition

5 Day Pouch Test Fall Special Edition newsletter now live and available for you in our archive. Link below. Learn if too much competition is preventing you from reaching your WLS goals.

"Maybe it's the fall sports season that has so many of us in the competitive mood lately. Seems like things have really heated up on the weight loss surgery scrimmage lines where it is more popular than ever to compare and compete with one another in our weight loss. And while some healthy competition can be a great motivator the comparison of weight loss can lead to utter discouragement. I see it even with the 5 Day Pouch Test that people are making comparisons in how much weight is lost in the 5 days and if they do not meet that superficial standard they consider their 5DPT effort a failure.  It is not."   Continue Reading

What is the 5 Day Pouch Test? Learn more here: 5DPT Website

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