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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Weekly Digest: The ABC's of WLS

Don't you just love Back to School time, a mid-year start-over so to speak? This is my favorite time of year and as luck would have it, my ultimate start-over -- gastric bypass -- was on September 13, 1999. Talk about going Back to School in a big way! Last Saturday marked 15 years since my surgery. Where did the time go? While visiting with my husband about this milestone I said to him, "After 15 years you would think I'd have this down to a science. But I still have to work at using my tool and weight management every day, it is so hard!"

Because he is a wise person he replied, "It's hard work because it IS hard."
So today, in the spirit of Back to School I present our newly published Infographic: The ABC's of WLS. You can view it in full down below or click on the image to open a PDF file for download and printing. I hope you find the alphabetic snippets inspiring and useful.

Download the PDF File here: ABC's of WLS

One thing I have learned with absolute certainty is weight management can only be achieved when we have a plan. Leaving our menu to chance didn't work before surgery and it doesn't work after surgery. The plan need not be elaborate. Some days I scribble on my planner: B-eggs; L-tuna; D-chicken. There's my protein. I'll manage the details when I get there. On better organized weeks I plan the weekly menu and post on the refrigerator. This produces stellar results. Regardless of the level of detail, a plan is essential. Read more in this article: I Love DIET. And if you are looking at a truly fun way to get motivated to move check out Wiggle Therapy.
Welcome Back to WLS School of Living!  I hope you find this digest useful in your ongoing efforts for improved health with weight loss surgery. You have the power to make this your healthiest Back to School ever! Let's do it together!

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