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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Ask Kaye: You drink wine?

Since I've posted my food diary some of you have asked me about drinking wine - isn't that against the rules?

This site is about honesty after WLS, so that's why I've recorded it when I have wine with dinner. Most bariatric centers discourage gastric bypass patients from drinking alcoholic beverages. The alcohol absorbs too quickly into the system and can result in rapid intoxication or dumping.

For the first two years following surgery I drank nothing but water. Water. Water. Water. Then I started bending the rules here and there. The occasional cup of coffee or a glass of wine with dinner. I am extremely cautious when I step out of the perimeters given by my bariatric center. However, I am of the belief that I am STILL a person in spite of my gastric-bypass. I am still entitled to enjoy as long as I am careful and attentive to my body. And sometimes when I do break the rules with too much wine (2 glasses) I quickly get silly or worse, sick (dumping/vomiting). These are the terms of my WLS.

For people in the phase of rapid weight loss, my suggestion is don't break the rules. Allow your body to concentrate on the weight loss and the healing from the surgery and recovering from the disease of obesity. When you have stabilized both in weight and emotional wellness you will be better able to make safe decisions for bending the rules.

Truthfully yours,

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