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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Appreciation & Incentive

Dear Readers:

Thanks for reading and subscribing to Living After WLS. Your feedback and returning visits have validated my belief that there is a need for long-term dialog among gastric bypass patients.

As always, your questions and feedback are welcome. You can post comments or click my email link.

As an incentive to new subscribers, I’m offering two files: the first is RDI’s Defined, a handy chart of nutrients, the daily value, why it’s necessary for health and where to find it. The other chart is a tool to assess your present nutritional intake and compare it against the RDI’s. Both charts will be sent to you without charge upon your subscription to Living After WLS.

Existing subscribers: Watch your inbox for an email titled “WLS Nutrition Charts”.

Best Wishes & Happy Living After WLS!

Kaye Bailey

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