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Monday, April 18, 2005

Grit Determination

Last week I posted about a woman going public in her online diet community with her decision for gastric bypass surgery. She received a great deal of feedback, some positive, much negative and even hostile.

I was a bit taken back by the arrogance of some respondents: that if Lisa simply had the willpower she could lose the weight. Lisa has 170lbs to lose. In the last two months she has lost 7 pounds and a poster told her that was wonderful progress – she should just keep doing what she’s doing and lose the remaining 170 lbs. It would take Lisa, losing 3.5 lbs/month, 48 months to lose her weight. That is without setbacks or life’s little disruptions. That’s 48 months of maintaining a rigid diet/exercise program while seeing little progress. Few people can accomplish that. Take a look around, there are a lot of obese people struggling just to get by, yearning to be in any body besides their own fat one.

In the same forum another poster had the nerve to write Eat Less: Exercise More. Really? Thanks for the help with the math.

Another threw in the cheesy slogan: Grit Determination + No Excuses = Goals Reached and Dreams Becoming Reality.

Guess what folks? Catchy phrases and simple math don’t cut it when a person is morbidly obese.

I do not personally know Lisa, nor do I know her state of self-esteem.

I can tell you with heartfelt sincerity that when I had 150 pounds to lose I was in such a spiral of despair and hopelessness that nothing short of surgery worked for me. My acts of self-sabotage and self-destruction derailed every conventional attempt to lose weight. I did not have the self-esteem or courage to muster any grit determination. I was on the train to hell and getting there by way of Obesity.

I needed help.

Surgery opened a window for me: for once in my fat life I was succeeding at weight loss. My weight came off and I was empowered by the success of it. I sought fitness as a way of life, not evil torture. I embraced the art of cooking healthy balanced meals. I started taking care of myself.


Surgery and the occasional resulting discomforts is a small price to pay for self love and self acceptance, not to mention health and wellness.

Without weight loss surgery I can only shut my eyes in horror at the sad life I may have had. Low self-esteem and poor health never equal grit determination.

Best of luck Lisa; I am confident you will not regret your decision. The road is not easy, but neither is the alternative path.

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Lisa Griswold said...

Thank you Kaye...I truly appreciate your blog!!! I think you really hit the exact points for me having this surgery. It's not that I don't know *how* to lose weight, I just can't seem to do it on my own. That's why I'm turning to surgical assistance as a last resort. If this is what it takes to turn my life around and get healthy and happy, I'm going to deal with the side effects of the surgery and continue with a support group and my bariatric team.

Thanks again - you're blog is very inspirational to me!