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Monday, April 04, 2005

How much weight have you lost?

I had lost nearly fifty pounds before anyone mentioned my weight loss. Then, all of the sudden, everybody noticed! As soon as they noticed the rude and inappropriate questions began. The most offensive: “How much weight have you lost?” People who I barely knew asked me this question. I have not shared the answer with anyone but my husband and my doctor – it’s nobody’s business. I know many weight loss patients, who are proud of this number, but I’m embarrassed and won’t share it. When I’m asked this question, with a curious tilt of my head I ask back, “Why do you want to know that?” Never has anyone answered my question with a valid response.

This data, the number on a scale, means nothing to anyone but me. I don’t care to give someone an opportunity to marvel at just how fat I must have been that I could lose that much weight. Most of the time when I ask, “why do you want to know?” the busybody will retreat. In general, we know when we’ve asked a rude question – sometimes it just takes a gentle reminder. If, however, they persist, I say I prefer not to share that information. Only on one occasion has a nosy person continued, at which time I said I wouldn’t answer a rude question.

I admire the courageous patients who openly answer this question, perhaps many don’t consider this a discourteous inquiry. If you are comfortable sharing this number, then by all means include others in your celebration of the rapidly descending scale. You only have to answer to yourself – be true to yourself. Answer only what you are comfortable sharing.

Be True To Yourself.


PS - Because we are a community of people in the same bariatric boat, I'll tell you I lost just over 150 lbs. But the statistic I'm most proud of: my waist is smaller now than my thigh measurement was before surgery. Hard to imagine!

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