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Sunday, April 24, 2005

WLS Clothing Exchange

Here's an interesting article on clothing swaps in Iowa for rapidly diminishing WLS patients. Click the link above for the full article. Check with your local area bariatric center for a similar program.

Trinity Medical Center-West Campus, Rock Island, opened its doors Saturday for the swap. Members of the support group donated articles of clothing and were able to swap those clothes for clothes that fit.
“This is a clothing swap for bariatric patients sponsored by bariatric patients. There is no money exchanged,” said Billie Terrill, office liaison for the institute, who also was a gastric bypass patient. “This is a great way for people to get nice clothes when they’re transitioning so quickly.”
Terrill said an average patient will drop a size every six weeks. With clothing costs high, many of the patients shop at the Goodwill Store. But the monthly support group came up with the idea to swap clothing among themselves. Members volunteered to sort and arrange the clothes, and orchestrate the morning’s swap.

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