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Monday, May 05, 2008

Does the pouch size change from morning to night?

Hello Everyone!

Over in the LivingAfterWLS Neighborhood we have several great conversations going on right now. catsroomie, also known as Vivian, asked if our pouch size changes from morning to evening. Seems like many of us are familiar with this sensation - take a look at some of the conversation:

It seems that my pouch is physically smaller in the mornings than the evenings - seems like it expands during the day. Anyone else experience this?

Often in the morning, one or two bites (doesn't matter of what) will make me feel full to the point that another bite would push me over into discomfort and nausea. Lunch, it takes a bit more to make me feel full. "Full" here means comfortable, satisfied, and ready to stop - not stuffed. Then evening comes and I can eat all evening without ever feeling full or satisfied. Not as in sitting down and eating a big meal all at once, but eating a meal and then following up with lots of nibbling. If I tried that in the morning, I couldn't do it.

Again, it doesn't seem to matter what I'm eating: oatmeal, chicken, chile, steak, cottage cheese, string cheese, veggies, fruit.

Any insights, I'd love your input.


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JanetLSE Replied:
I am like that! In fact when I first wake up I have to take thyroid medicine and just that with water makes my pouch full. Then I have to wait at least an hour before I can eat anything (because of the meds). I can definately eat more at night than I can for breakfast and lunch. It's almost like my pouch opens up wide after 5pm.

Steph added:
I am usually never hungry in the am. But I have learned that if I don't do breakfast within about an hour of waking I seem to crash and then I am starving. It is like it hits me all of a sudden. So I now get my boy's up, get there breakfast going and make mine as well. It seems to keep that horrible crashing feeling from hitting me. I guess my body is really odd though, because my hungriest time is in the afternoon. I am usually not even wanting to eat at dinner time, but I do force myself to or else I am hungry right before bed and I don't want to eat right before bed.

Then I threw in my 2-cents worth:
Excellent topic Vivian - and great feedback Neighbors.

I'm in camp with Vivian: tough time with morning food. That's why I've given in to the bland and predictable hard-cooked eggs, sugar free gelatin or cottage cheese. Not all in one meal, that's my rotation. Gelatin for the most difficult days. I think I can say I've had nearly nine years of morning sickness.

As for the pouch being smaller vs the afternoon or evening. It isn't smaller, but after 8 hours of rest it is collapsed and the muscle activity is at rest. Remember, the stomach made of vertical and horizontal muscles that work in waves to massage (digest the food). Just like we pre-warm our muscles of motion to avoid injury, pre-warming the stomach muscle (with a beverage or warm food) you can avoid injury (discomfort) when the muscle is abruptly put to task. We would never jump out of bed and run 2 miles without first getting the blood flowing and warming our muscles and joints. The same is true for the tummy. Most days, for me, a cup of coffee is a good warm-up. Dilute herbal tea is even better and more comforting. I need to remember that.

Now maybe we (ME!) need to work on an evening warm-down routine to put pouchy to rest for the night!

What's up with your surgical stomach pouch? Is it as moody as ours?


Holly Watson said...

I have never responded to a blog before, so I new to this! I was thrilled to read that I am not the only one whose tummy seems smaller in the morning! I have never been a breakfast person but pretty much have to force myself to get my protein drink down in the morning. My surgeon told me this is a good thing to do for breakfast since I am not an "Eater" that early. Lunch is usually something pretty small, but by dinner time I am starved! Thanks for all the insight!

Holly Watson
Oil City, PA

Anonymous said...

I'm another first-time poster!
After 5 great years with my band, I've always had the same problem. Tight in am, okay through late afternoon, then I OPEN UP.
When I am losing well I have a big glass of something (water, crystal light, tea) then go take a long walk and get my muscles limbered up.
Then dinner and NOTHING but tea or water after 7 p.m.
If I do this, it's not as hard to eat in morning and I LOSE WEIGHT.
When I eat at night, I gain weight.
After losing 110# -- within a couple pounds of goal (145), I am up about 20-25# and really need to shake it back off! My pants are tight and I just don't look "good" anymore.
My sister was banded recently and I am jumping on the wagon with her.
NO FOOD AFTER 7pm. TEA TEA TEA (I am drinking it now). It fills me up not out.
Swim suit season is coming.
Cathy in Olympia, WA

HOTMAMA said...

I am a first time blogger as well. I too have this problem...I don't eat breakfast though. I end up grazing all day. I've lost 110# and too am up 20! I have been going to the gym 5 days a week and the scale is still up! Any advice? Did I stretch my pouch to no return? I'm 3 yrs post op. Please help!

Janice said...

I'm ten years post op and I'm the same way. I can control am and afternoon butr come after 3 i eat sooooo much and junk. I lost 200# and gained 20 in a year. I can't get it off. I exercise everyday!! the scale isn't moving. I can relate to you all

Margo said...

I am 7 years post-op and sooo far off track that it isn't even funny. THis is how bad it is... I can eat 3/4 of a subway footlong. Yes, it's bad. I had lost 180#, but in the last 4 years have gained 80 back. I also had a set of twins in Feb. 2007 and I need to get healthy! Today I started the 5dpt. My brain thinks I am starving to death. I have done broth and water. Has anyone else gotten as far off track as I have and fixed it with the 5dpt? I need help!!!