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Friday, May 02, 2008

Jane's 5 Day Pouch Test Advice: MUST READ!

Our highly motivational Neighbor Jane offered this advice regarding the 5 Day Pouch Test:

Please allow me to suggest something that you can do if you haven't already. Go on up to your 5 Day Pouch Test button (upper left). Then on the next screen look to the upper right and you'll see "Tools". The tool you're looking for is the 5dpt journal. Print that up and use it! I suggest writing down the times of everything that you eat too. It's great to have a log of what you ate during your 5dpt. You'll likely want to refer to it later. You just never know why, but you likely will. You'll have to be brutally honest about what passes your lips and it in itself becomes inspiration to help you through.

Download the 5 Day Pouch Test Journal

On days 1 & 2 when you're allowed all the soup you want, try to do it in one cup portions. Have a cup, wait. If you're still hungry, then have another, but you may be joyfully surprised to find that during that wait some time you actually felt full enough! On Day 3, don’t just eat at “any time”, make a planned meal time and stick to it, breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack… but only have those snacks if you NEED them, not just because “you can.” You’re in training, keep a schedule. If, (when) you get that nasty carb headache don't worry, it WILL go away. Try 1/2 of an orange and dim the lights a bit. Try to get plenty of rest during the 5dpt, especially on day 3 (likely your hardest day - headache day). Taking an otc headache med isn't against the rules, just keep in mind that many wls'ers cannot handle some types, also remember that you are a different size than you once were. If you used to take 3 or 4 pills to battle pain, you may not really need that anymore, now is the time to re-read the instructions on that bottle and don't exceed the recommended dosage. You may even just want to start with 1 and work your way up to 2 if in an hour or so you don't feel the relief you're looking for. Be mindful of any medications that you're taking and remember to take them with a full glass of water, but time ALL of your meds/vitamins with your 30 minute water times. You don't want to mess that up by having to take them with a full glass of water while you're eating. Work it out.

As far as the water goes, remember, this part starts on Day 3 as well and should continue for the rest of your life. It's not a big deal; it's just a matter of getting used to it again. You take a drink 30 minutes before you eat. You eat your meal or snack with nothing to drink and you do it in a 15 minute window. You wait for 30 minutes and you have another glass of water. Basically its: Drink, wait, eat, wait, drink. Very simple. Use a digital timer during this “training phase” if you have one. I keep pennies on the kitchen window sill, when I’ve had 8oz, I slide one over. Every day I re-start.

As far as days 3, 4 & 5 if you're looking for something to have for breakfast, it has been determined that having an egg or two is fine, but as soon as you're done with that.... move on to the day's recommended food. Don't be afraid to go outside of your normal box though, if you don't want an egg for breakfast on days 4 & 5 then go ahead and have something left over from the day previous, but that’s it. Aside from breakfast, don't deviate from the recommended 5dpt foods at the proper point in the 5dpt. Not even a little bit. No veggies or fruit unless they’re in the recipes that have been developed with ingredients in mind for the 5dpt. Don’t add extra ones.

If at any point during the 5dpt you experience bowel movement issues, I recommend ground flax seed (flax meal.) You find it in with the bread baking supplies in the grocery store. Sprinkle a little bit into the soups you make, or on top of the meat that you decide upon. If you cook something, you can disguise the flax meal in there. It’s not recommended to take “straight”. –gag- Pretty much its one of those things that if you can’t taste it, you’ve done well. It doesn’t take a lot to get you going again.

Literally hundreds of people have tried the 5dpt; it has been tested and re-tested and proven and re-proven. There is a phrase here in the Neighborhood: KISS Keep It Simple Silly! Do that. Don't try to make the fanciest foods you can find during this test, it's only a week and during this week you can take the time to cruise through the kitchen and its delicious recipes as you plan for Day 6. This week... just KISS!

Remember, Days 1 & 2 = liquid proteins
Day 3 = Soft Protein
Day 4 = Firm Protein
Day 5 = Solid Protein

This is also a really good time to order the Neighborhood Cookbook. WOW, talk about a book of inspiration! It's full of great recipes and tremendous tips for your journey! There will be a new one coming out this summer and if it's anything like the first; it too will be packed with all sorts of helpful ideas!

Good luck to everyone starting the 5dpt. Keep posting and sharing, everyone here will keep posting right along with you to help you along your way. No topic is too personal; no question is a dumb question. Pretty much if you're thinking, feeling or questioning it, so is, or so has someone else, it's best to get it out there as soon as you think of it! Help is here. You've taken the first step toward helping yourself and what a big step it was, CONGRATULATIONS on that! Good Luck everyone!!

KISS, drink, drink, drink and chew, chew, chew!

Read and re-read every detail of the 5dpt. Read every link involved too, they answer a lot of questions. Keep it in mind too that we're here for ya if you get overwhelmed and have questions. This is a big deal, so doing it right is a BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT!!

When you start eating your Day 6 foods you will be following the Four Rules. Read and re-read everything you can about them. Go to the Library for more info and links.

1- Protein First
2- Lots of Water
3- No Snacking
4- Daily Exercise

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