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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The LivingAfterWLS Library

It's me again with my weekly Tuesday update. I find it hard to believe Tuesday is here again so soon! For the past several days and nights I've been face to face with my design computer writing code to finish the new and improved LivingAfterWLS Library - a project that has been back burnered several times since January. I am bound and determined to get it finished this week. Entering the content is something I do myself because having written most of the content I know what exists and have it in my mind the "RIGHT" way to put it on pages. Each Library pages takes 20-30 minutes to build so you can just imagine how time consuming this is. Hence, my vanishing act here in the Neighborhood the last several days. I have missed everyone! Thank you for taking care of one another love0028.gif .

The new Library has 13 Categories each with 8-16 articles and links back to active conversations in the Neighborhood or other Library pages.

When you see this button look below it for article titles. As you roll the cursor over the titles they change color to indicate they are links. Give a click and your article will open under this title button:

One of our most read areas is "Emotional Journey of Massive Weight Loss" --- and this section is now complete. You'll find articles there about body dysmorphia, anger, sex and the infamous Girls Gone Wild article.

The categories are listed under this button: and you will see it on all category index pages and the article pages. Open any category to find the articles in that area.

And to link to relevant Neighborhood topics look for the links under this button:

And finally this button will lead you to some of our valued site sponsors.

I hope you find this new layout friendly and informative. I really love the look of our new website and am anxious to continue coding (did I really say that?) in order to get it all organized so we may make full use of all that LivingAfterWLS has to offer us. And remember - you can always link directly to the Library from the top toolbar here in the Neighborhood.

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Donna said...

I comment rarely, but visit frequently. I always appreciate the effort you put into providing information to the WLS community. :)