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Monday, May 12, 2008

Fit Is IT Challenge

Hello Everyone!

I hope you had a fine weekend and a lovely Mother’s Day. For us the day usually heralds spring but would you believe we woke up to snow this morning? I am reluctant to complain about our weather when so many other places are suffering terrible weather and unfortunate natural disaster. So I’ll simply put another log on the fire, count my blessings and send warm wishes to those affected by Mother Nature’s wrath.

Last week I did the 5 Day Pouch Test – it took me six days with a do-over of Day 2. But I finished the “Test” and again I am impressed with how tight my pouch feels and how truly easy it is to follow a regular eating plan. In the Neighborhood we refer to here on out as “Day 6” where we follow the Four Rules and comply with liquid restrictions and avoid slider foods.

One thing that is often forgotten in our 5 Day Pouch Test is the beauty and necessity of physical movement. Dare I say the “E” word? Exercise. For those who have been with me for a while, you know I don’t like protein shakes and I’m no fan of exercise. Turns out both are necessary in the long-term weight maintenance plan.

So I am bringing forward the “Fit Is It” challenge – something LivingAfterWLS introduced several years ago. The “Fit Is It” challenge, complete with downloadable chart requires 180 minutes of planned physical activity a week. Think about it! That is only 30 minutes of organized activity six days a week. You get a day of rest!

We have several helpful articles at LivingAfterWLS to help us start or maintain a fitness program as we do our best each day to make the most of this new life. Take a look:

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If you are looking for inspiration read these articles:

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Happy moving Neighbors!

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