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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Coddled Eggs

I have joined the highly esteemed group of Neighborhood Coddlers thanks to Celadon & Lynn - Look! Celadon taught Lynn and I how to coddle eggs while we at our Director's Meeting. They are so delicious and soft on the tummy. I am thrilled to join the Coddlers. These two are Royal Worcester made in England. The pattern is perfect: berries and blossoms. What an honor to receive such a thoughtful gift - and a surprise no less. Thanks Ladies - Much appreciated.

Link to learn all about Coddling

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slfam said...

I brought home a set of egg coddlers from England as a gift for my parents 20 years ago. I just got them back last year - I think I will brak them out and give them a try! Thanks for reminding me. Mine look so similar too!