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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Walking to my Birthday

Hello Neighbors!!!

You may have noticed my new signature ticker:

2009 is a big year for me. This summer is my ((gulp)) 25 year high school reunion and in September is my 10 year Arrivalversary. I want to be my best for these events. Lately I'm not particularly motivated by a weight ticker as my maintenance is pretty steady give or take a few pounds. But I have become a bit lazy when it comes to my cardio workouts - you know - hit and miss, nothing regular.

So my birthday is coming up in April and I've set myself a goal to treadmill 160 miles between now and then. Walk to my Birthday! I'm not going to count my outdoor walking because I don't get the burn from it like I do the treadmill. Yesterday I did 2 miles and today 3. I have 45 days left to walk the last 155 miles to my Birthday! And the reward? Strong toned legs and a new pair of shoes!! (A friend asked me, "What happens if you don't make it?" and I answered, "That is NOT an option.")

So join me in this personal fitness challenge or create your own!

Remember, we all do better when we have a challenge, a goal and a plan.
I will keep you posted of my progress: follow this thread in the Neighborhood.

Happy trails . . . . .

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