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Friday, March 06, 2009

You Have Arrived Alumni Club

Greetings Neighbors!

I am so excited about this new area of our Neighborhood which we are introducing as part of our Third Anniversary celebration!

(Neighborhood anniversary - March 10 --- Stay tuned for exciting things!)

The You Have Arrived Alumni Club is a place where you can connect with others who underwent surgical weight loss during the same decade (1980's & 1990's) or same year (2000's) as you. One of the things I have observed in my work with weight loss surgery living is that there is a definite cycle that repeats over and over for most of us. The pre-op stage is a time of concern and excitement while the first year is full of compliance and curiosity. At year two many experience an "I can't believe it's me" euphoria which leads to year three when rules are relaxed and the water is tested. Often by year four and five there is weight regain and frustration at realizing we do have to work at weight control, even with weight loss surgery. The years that follow are full of ups and down but generally we feel more balance and more comfort in our own skin.

I believe there will be value in having a place to connect with others who are experiencing things similar to you and I hope you will use this forum as a place to learn and grow together.

Visit the You Have Arrived Alumni Club

To begin with we have arranged the 1980's & 1990's each as a single sub-forum while each year of the decade 2000 has it's own sub-forum. The sub-forums should include all surgical procedures as the chronological experience patterns tend to be similar no matter the procedure.

If you have ideas or suggestions to make this a better tool for you please let me know. I'm excited to build one more place to improve our overall weight loss surgery experience.

CHEERS! - You will see me in the 1990's sub-forum! Here is my introduction

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