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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weekend Update: I'm At Camp!

From our official Neighborhood Weekend Thread:

Hi Neighbors! Sounds like everyone is busy!

I am attending & participating in a research camp this weekend about long-term life after weight loss surgery. This past week I spent many hours preparing for this weekend and I'm so anxious to learn from others who work in the front-lines of post surgical weight loss. The point of view at this camp is not necessarily bariatric or even medical - the focus in on the physical, mental and spiritual changes affected by massive weight loss long-term. Another side-bar topic is revision surgery and I am hoping to learn a great deal about this to share with everyone here. I worry that those who undergo revision surgery are the "lost children" in our WLS community. My research is showing that there is shame invoked by the medical community when someone requires a revision to their gastric surgery. This must be changed and I intend to create a safe place here in the Neighborhood for those who do need a my heart.

If you are one who needs or has undergone a surgical revision of your weight loss surgery please accept my personal invitation to join The Neighborhood and share your story. In our safe haven circle of friends you will never be judged or made to feel a failure. We are here for you.

Write to me at

So, I'm looking forward to fresh insight and new information to share here so we can continue to expand our body of knowledge and improve our lives after WLS.

Have a great weekend, everyone! I will check in as often as possible and I'm (probably foolishly) optimistic that I can get caught-up from the week after spending lots of time offline preparing for this camp.


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