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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hey Neighbors! I just got off the phone with Silvia and she apologies for some out-of-stock problems and customer service issues. Like any new company that experiences a growth surge there is a learning curve. But due to increased business she has been able to reduce prices on the Bariceutical product line without any compromise in quality.

Read my endorsement of Bariceuticals - I use these and love the way I feel!

Right now she is offering the Total Protein (My favorite product) at Buy 1 - Get 1 Free. Take a look:
True Protein - 15 Servings
Buy 1 Case/Get 1 Free for only $29.99
A $60 Value!

Go Here Now!

"Pre-Digested Total Protein complex is a concentrated, great tasting liquid that can be mixed with water or your favorite drink. It is essential for you to consume the right amount of protein to help your muscle mass and prevent anemia. The fact that you are not able to eat as much protein as your body requires, this pre-digested protein will fill the gap between what you are getting nutritionally and what your body needs. Recommended dosage: Bariatric bypass patients, 1-2 packets A.M. or P.M. mixed in water or your favorite drink and sipped gradually throughout the day which is helpful in the prevention of mal-absorption. Lap Band patients, 1 pouch each day at any time, just mix in 20 oz of water or favorite drink."

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Cosmetic Guru said...

Great post. I find that maintaining a healthy diet after surgery is the toughest challenge.