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Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School Refresher Course

Greetings Neighbors!
Where has the summer gone? Already the kids are headed back to school and the carefree days of summer will soon be replaced with routine schedules and a focus on learning. When
I was in school I always enjoyed the first week of school where lessons focused on reviewing what we learned during the last school year; things we may have forgotten over the summer. I loved that feeling of "EUREKA" when knowledge came back and it felt so basic, so fundamental I couldn't believe I had forgotten it in the first place.

Now I'm a few decades past the good old back to school days. But that EUREKA! feeling returns when I take a new look at the rules of healthy weight management with surgery. Just today I re-learned that starting my day with protein feels really good. I wonder, "How in the world did I forget that fundamental?" So I am capturing the spirit of back to school in this special edition 5 Day Pouch Test Bulletin and reviewing the EUREKA! fundamentals that keeps this WLS working for me. I hope you'll join me in this review and take some time to go back to school - the University of LivingAfterWLS - right this way - I saved you a seat!

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