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Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekly Digest: Food Pushers & Food Police

LivingAfterWLS Weekly Digest: August 13, 2012
I hope you are enjoying a healthy happy Summer! Like everyone this time of year, our lazy-days of summer seem to be filled with more activities and gatherings than we can manage. Without fail, every event we have enjoyed has involved a meal as the central attraction. Also without fail, the "Food Pushers" and "Food Police" have been on patrol. Have you seen them at your summer gatherings?  

The "Food Pushers" are those who would have us eat more than we could or should eat. Sometimes they are well intentioned wishing only to share the bounty of the table; others are prideful cooks who consider food rejection a personal insult. And admittedly, some food pushers have unsavory designs for derailing our best weight management efforts.

The "Food Police" are those who monitor our plates and forks and pass judgment on us for what we do or do not eat. They too can be well intentioned such as a fellow health-watcher who may question the trans-fat or sugar content of a dish; she is looking out for the good of all. Other police are citation-hungry plate monitors hoping to catch us in the act of breaking rules and crossing dietary boundaries.

It has been a dozen years since my WLS and I have been a very public WLS-Advocate for the last 8 years. I know that for myself, and for many of you, there is not a time when we are not closely watched and critiqued as we engage in fueling our bodies with food. It's no wonder so many of us, myself included, seek to eat in privacy much of the time! Here are a few skills I've learned to use in coping with the food pushers and food police. I you find them helpful as you form your own strategies in dealing with the Food Pushers and Food Police.
Best Wishes & Good Health! 

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