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Friday, August 17, 2012

Cooking with Kaye: Fish Tacos

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Classic Fish Tacos 
Inspired by street cart favorites:
Made healthy for WLS Living

August 15, 2012


Fish tacos can be purchased from vending carts in busy marketplaces. When fresh fish is seasoned and grilled it is a good source of protein that most weight loss surgery patients find easy to tolerate. However, when the fish is battered and fried, as often found on vending carts, it becomes unappealing, fattening and consumption may cause dumping syndrome due to the grease. (Refresher article: Foods that cause Dumping). It is easy to avoid unpleasant pitfalls and prepare delicious and affordable fish tacos at home.

This Cooking with Kaye features a light fish with Mexican seasoning and lime served in a romaine lettuce leaf with a sour cream sauce. Serve it with Seasoned Summer Squash with Cheese but save room for dessert: warm Spiced Peaches with Sweet Sour Cream. And try our surplus zucchini recipes to make the most of summer's bounty.

Have a great meal Neighbors. And remember, there is always something good cooking in the Neighborhood!

Thanks for cooking with me!
Kaye Bailey

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