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Monday, August 06, 2012

Press Release: Must Have WLS Book

For Immediate Release:
On July 2, 2012 LivingAfterWLS published Kaye Bailey's all-new 180 page 5 Day Pouch Test Owner's Manual 2nd Edition - and the reviews are in: This is THE Must-Have book for every weight loss surgery library.

Surgeons and patients agree, "The information and advice is clearly presented and inspiring with an eye for detail and a voice of encouragement," said Cathy Burns, a weight loss surgery consultant from Philadelphia, PA and 14 year gastric-bypass post-op patient. "I read everything I can that comes out about weight loss surgery. Kaye knows her stuff as well as anyone in the field, but she tells it like a best friend who is sharing an experience.  I cannot imagine the struggles I'd face if I didn't have her books to flip through when I'm feeling frustrated or simply tired of trying. She really understands that this (WLS) is for life and she makes me want to keep trying. Thanks Kaye!"

The original 5 Day Pouch Test Owner's Manual was published in 2008 at 102 pages. When it was retired June 30, 2012 it was in the fourth printing and had been shipped to every US State and many countries around the world. The 5 Day Pouch Test plan has proven to be a highly effective back-to-basics approach to capturing regain following weight loss surgery. It is nutritionally sound and founded on the rules of weight loss surgery and the basic tenets prescribed by accredited bariatric surgeons.  In early 2012 Kaye found the time was right to update the Owner's Manual to include new guidelines from the FDA, the bariatric community, the US Surgeon General, and the freelance bariatric research community (research not affiliated or supported by pharmaceutical companies, doctors, or hospitals).  The result is an all-new 180 page Owner's Manual.

Link: 2nd Edition Table of Contents

"Since the original manual was published the basics of the plan have not changed," said Kaye. "In fact, we have a greater body of knowledge and evidence that the 5 Day Pouch Test is highly effective when used correctly to get back on track with WLS. In the new Manual the format is different and the book is beautifully produced. It is seasoned with sidebars throughout for quick glimpses at important facts and reminders. There are 16 new recipes and an all-new 5DPT journal format. I think people who have read the first manual will find that even though the 5DPT plan is familiar the facts, enthusiasm and inspiration are fresh. People who have both the first and second editions of the 5DPT Owner's Manual will feel they have two very useful, very different books at their disposal for lasting WLS support. It is intrinsically important to me that we provide top-notch information to our readers in a manner that inspires and motivates. I think we have done just that with this 2nd Edition."

Read: Interview with KayeBailey

5 Day Pouch Test Owner'sManual 2nd Edition
The complete 5 Day Pouch Test plan including inspiration, instructions, and recipes in Kaye Bailey's classic empowering style. 180-page easy to read paperback with hints, tips and encouragement that enables you to take charge of your weight loss surgery tool. 2nd Edition includes new guidelines from the FDA, USDA, and the ASMBS. 16 new 5DPT recipes; more FAQ’s; more inspiration from Kaye. Improved format. Same great plan shared with Kaye's encouragement and enthusiasm. Same low first edition price $22.95. Get back on track with Kaye! You Can Do This!
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