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Monday, October 28, 2013

Pregnancy, breastfeeding & the 5 Day Pouch Test. Can they be friends?

Image courtesy ABC News
In a Facebook group we have a friend who is a breastfeeding mom and needs to gain control of blood sugar issues, shared earlier this week that she took the 5DPT plan to her nutritionist and received approval to follow the 5 Day Pouch Test.

Our FB Friend did everything EXACTLY RIGHT.

First she had a beautiful baby, then she decided to do something to restore her own health, energy, and nutritional balance knowing she must be healthy in order to take care of her baby. Her WLS tool in place she found the 5DPT, learned it, and then like every piece of health advice we hear says -- she asked her health care professional if this plan was right for her. Together she and her nutritionist agreed on a dietary plan to suit the new mom's needs and those of her child. Well done.

A couple comments in the original conversation need a bit of clarification from me -- I developed this plan with the help of medical experts and people on the front lines - US - it was first published in 2007. While the 5DPT was not written for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers it can be used as our FB Friend is using it. The reason I do not address this special group of WLSers is because it is very difficult to find a WLS patient and a OB/Gyn/Ped nutritionist willing to test and "experiment". Especially in the early stages of program development. Think about a time when you may have had an infant after WLS, and if someone had said "Wanna try this thing for 5 days to see what it does to you and your baby?" Hell No! So without a study group I have valid research to present. No test group, no control group.

However -- I have worked with 8 nutritionists who have guided over 300 women through the 5 days successfully. They use the existing plan and their professional nutritionist helps them make adjustments to insure the health of mother and baby. LivingAfterWLS does not have a 5DPT ***FOR*** pregnant or lactating mothers. But we do offer the advice to take it to your nutritionist and use it as one of the tools for your best health for you and your little one.

If you follow me closely you know I have high regard for the UnJURY medical grade protein products and use them in many high protein recipes. I am not a paid spokesperson - I just think they have top quality dietary support for us after WLS. Experts agree. Please link to this article on their website to learn more: Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Protein Intake

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