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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Weight Loss is not a Competition

Featured in today's 5 Day Pouch Test Bonus Bulletin
Link to Bulletin in our Archive: 5DPT October Bonus Bulletin

"Thank you for joining me for this Bonus edition of our 5 Day Pouch Test Bulletin. I've watched and participated in the WLS community now for many years observing patterns and trends as they come and go. One pattern that has held consistent is the uptick in competitive weight loss come the fall season. While it may be unpopular for me to say so - matters of health are not competitions.

Matters of health - including weight management - are personal initiatives necessary to improve one's own quality of life and wellness.

I understand the drive to join challenges promoting weight loss or fitness accomplishments. And when used to strengthen bonds between people with like-minded goals these organized pacts are powerful motivators. But when challenges become measures of success or failure based on another person's weight loss compared with our own weight loss the benefits turn to detriments that ultimately cause feelings of failure or inferiority.

Because the competitive talk is so loud this time of year I invite you to take a look at this topic I first addressed in 2011. Please thoughtfully consider the role competition is playing in your weight loss and weight management efforts. You have the right to include in your life things to support and promote your health and discard the things that derail your health. I am your champion in doing the best you can to live well after weight loss surgery. 

I hope you enjoy this bonus bulletin and I wish you the best today and always!  Sincerely,

Kaye Bailey"

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