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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

LivingAfterWLS Self-Assessment: Tool for your Success

LivingAfterWLS Self-Assessment Worksheet Download

"This worksheet should be used as a private tool with the intent to keep your eye on the goal. It is a contract with yourself; a contract of honor and self-respect because you deserve to treat yourself well and engage in appropriate long-term behaviors in pursuit of your healthiest life." ~Kaye Bailey


For those who are struggling or have lost that early post-op vigor: I'd like you to give the LivingAfterWLS Self-Assessment a try. It is a simple two-page worksheet that allows you to recall your pre-surgery goals, evaluate where you are today, and make a plan for the next three months. We have been using it in the LAWLS communities since 2006 and it is highly valued as must-use tool for getting back on track and staying on track.

LivingAfterWLS Self-Assessment

LivingAfterWLS Free Downloads

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