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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Are YouLiving After WLS?

Last week Kim Stover, my gorgeous friend and our frequent contributor here at LivingAfterWLS, wrote about how she notices her new energy when it is time to decorate for the holidays. In her article Kim spoke of her first holiday decorating after weight loss, ”I had more energy and was more able bodied to do the decorating. Since this was a once a year event, it was very obvious to me how my weight loss was now affecting my life. Yeah for me!

I, too, enjoy a great sense of energy this time of year and it is noticeable when I reflect on the many years of morbid obesity and the exhaustion that comes with a unhealthy overweight body. Last weekend we made our annual trek to the high Rocky Mountains to cut our Christmas tree. The snow was – literally – thigh deep and I laughed my way through it enjoying the energy and spirit of the moment! What a great day to celebrate and rejoice at having a normal healthy powerful body!

You know, before surgery many of us make “to do” lists for our lives post surgery and post weight loss. Since having surgery are you accomplishing what’s on your list? Are you enjoying your new normal healthy powerful body? Are you Living After WLS? Post your story here – I know I love to be inspired by each of you and so do the members of the LivingAfterWLS community!


Anonymous said...

I too noticed how I decorated the tree with ease this year. Right down (rather up) to the star on the Christmas tree. Prior to WLS I was scared to climb ladders. I was too heavy and exceeded the weight limit of any household ladder. I remember the creaking sounds it made when I hoisted my frame up and hoped and prayed that it would hold.

No more! I can climb up and down ladders gracefully. I find that I am not afraid of heights after all. I suppose I was acutally never afraid of heights, rather I was scared of falling from a ladder collapsing because of my weight.

Anonymous said...

This will sound simple - but I can get in and out of my car so much easier. Its made shopping better when I have many stops to make and I didn't realize how awkward it was to get in and out of the car before WLS. I am happy for this.


zeezee said...

you look amazing! i cant wait to get to that point in my life where fun things are done with ease :)