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Monday, December 19, 2005

LAWLS Holiday Greetings:
Kabuki, Violet, Kerri & Julie

With Love from Kabuki Dancer:

Holiday greetings to all my sisters and brothers out there. The reality of life is that no one can stop you from being extraordinary. Not bad bosses, nor bad husbands, nor bad children. You have a right to live a life of significance and you matter! I am so grateful for the new beginning. Time is flying by on wings. Happiness is infectious. Live life and eat to survive. Food is not good or bad, it is not a moral issue. Food just is. Work at walking in the sparkling middle ground. Be special because you are. Your life is different because we are different. Have a wonderful holiday and keep healthy.

Warm Wishes from ShrinkingVi:
I want to take the time to wish everyone reading this a wonderful and joyous holiday season. This year I have so much to be thankful for -- the surgery I had two months ago has already changed my life so dramatically and for the first time in years I am full of hope and excitement and looking forward to the future (and summer for the first time ever)! I'm grateful for the wonderful people I have met in this journey and the amazing support I have found both on and off the net. I hope this holiday season fills your hearts with joy, love, laughter, and gratitude for the amazing life we've been given.

Much love,
Shrinking Violet

Happy Holidays from Kerri!

Happy Holidays to everyone in the WLS Family. I hope everyone's holiday is bright and cheerful and free of temptation.

Kerri S.

Merry Christmas From Julie!

Merry Christmas everyone. I know this time of year is hard on the WLS struggle. If you find yourself falling - pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and DECIDE to keep going. In my holiday decorations there are words like "peace" and "joy". What nice reminders to treat ourselves with dignity. When we make the commitment to take care of our bodies with exercise and good nutrition, we can then truly feel "peace" and "joy". Indulging in the holiday treats will only lead to guilt and disappointment. May we all feel the peace and joy of this holiday season. – Julie

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