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Sunday, December 18, 2005

December 19: Kaye's Message

Happy Holidays!

Don’t you love it when you get a present that says “Open Early”? In this picture you can see I am thrilled to be opening an early gift from my friend and wonderful contributor, Kim Stover! She put a smile on my face! Thanks Kim!

Community Greetings:
Beginning Monday afternoon I’ll be posting greetings from many of our treasured LivingAfterWLS community members. I’m excited to introduce them to you, let you see their happy faces and celebrate our life after WLS. Please check back now through the New Year to meet new friends and put a face with the familiar faces you’ve become acquainted with over the last few months. Do you have a greeting for our LivingAfterWLS community? Email and we will feature you here!

Warm Wishes!
We have two community members who will enjoy an early Christmas this week – they are having their surgery. Please wish Ellen and Illazarbic well as they begin their new life. You already know Ellen – she is the genius behind the blog “Who Moved my Cheese?

Speaking of blogs – there have been some great quotes this week out in blogland, and none better than Melissa “Big Grandma” who is posting again since her surgery in late November. Take a minute, read what these fine WLS folks are writing and visit their blogs. Let them know you appreciate them for sharing their stories.

From Melissa at Big Grandma Not Big Any More:
Regrets? None at all. Maybe I would have lived my life a little different so that I wouldn't have had to have the surgery in the first place. But I didn't and now I have a chance to correct all the wrong things I did to myself. A second chance to live a healthier life.

From Sandi at Sandi's RNY Journey
This has been a very good week for me, one where I'm starting to feel like the routine is mine. I can feel my body shrinking, and it makes me feel love toward myself.

From Mayablue at Starting Over After WLS
But even with the fear of dumping there still is that little voice in my head telling me to just take a nibble. That's where the problems come in. One of anything doesn't cause dumping....a few will. So the temptation to eat one, wait a bit, eat another, wait a bit, eat another, etc is there. Because of this I've held off on doing any type of baking. I want to make cookies soooooo badly but that temptation is there just waiting.

From Shrinking Violet at Hot Fat for Sale:
"So at 6:35 am, I jumped on the scale wearing undergarments, my jeans and a nice form-fitting long-sleeve T...and the scale said 238.5. TWICE.

"Let's review...the last time I weighed this amount had to be my senior year in college in the fall. That would have been 1988. 18 years ago. My highest weight ever was 332 in 1996. I'm down almost 100 pounds from then. I'm down 79 pounds from my liquid diet start date. That's the total weight of my 7 year old and 4 year old nieces combined. It's probably what I weighed at age 4.

I tried on my "fat pants" last week--the ones I wore just before surgery. Size 30/32. I could have fit my friend Dyan's little boy Connor in there with me.”

Great words, don't you think? Be sure to visit these fine blogs!

I wish you the best this last frantic week before Christmas. Live Well. Enjoy! Respect yourself and your WLS.

Happy Holidays!

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zeezee said...

Happy Holidays Kaye and God bless you :)

not feeling well enough to do a community "hello" but wanted to thank you for all your support