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Monday, December 26, 2005

Dec. 26: Kaye's Message

Happy Boxing Day Everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed a festive Christmas. LivingAfterWLS is fortunate to have many community members from around the globe. Some of our members in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia are celebrating Boxing Day today.

Boxing Day
Boxing Day in the United Kingdom is traditionally a day for sporting activity, originally fox hunting, but in modern times football and horseracing.

In Canada, and indeed any other county that celebrates it, Boxing Day is also observed as a public holiday, and is a day when stores sell their excess Christmas inventory at significantly reduced prices. Boxing Day has become so important for retailers that they often extend it into a "Boxing Week". This occurs similarly in Australia and New Zealand.

In Australia, the cricket Test match starting on December 26 is called the Boxing Day Test Match, and is played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground before the largest crowd of the summer.

Warm Wishes
We have four community members having their WLS this week. Please send your warmest wishes to Micah, Dana, Joy and Audrey.

You Have Arrived
The January 2006 issue of our newsletter “You Have Arrived” will be delivered to subscriber inboxes early – December 28. This first newsletter of the New Year introduces our “Fit Is It” fitness challenge. Incorporating fitness into our LivingAfterWLS lifestyle is a key component of long-term weight maintenance. It’s also one of the most challenging things to do. This inspiring issue focuses on the importance of fitness and introduces ways to make it a part of our healthy new life. I look forward to presenting the challenge to you. To receive the “You Have Arrived” newsletter Subscribe to LivingAfterWLS – it’s free!

Self-Assessment: How are you doing?
Have you reviewed your LivingAfterWLS Personal Self-Assessment worksheet lately? This is the final week – next week we review the assessment and complete a new one focusing on our goals for the first quarter 2006. Be sure to give yours a look today and start thinking about the next assessment. It is proven that WLS patients who continue to focus on their goals are the most successful with long-term weight loss and maintenance. I’m looking forward to setting new goals for myself and refocusing on my original goal: To achieve and sustain a healthy weight and adopt an overall healthy lifestyle.

Email me if you have not received the LAWLS Personal Self-Assessment Worksheet – I’ll send it to your email address.

Have a great week! Live Well. Respect yourself and your WLS.


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