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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

5 Day Pouch Test Manual: The Reviews

OMG'SH WHAT A GREAT BOOK. I love the part about getting back the rediscovering the storm of enthusiasm. I got the book yesterday and was already prepared and ready to start today. After reading the book and it being 2:00 here and I don't feel to bad. I do know that the thought about it only being 5 days is making it easier. I made up a sign with the 4 rules on it and like a contract signed and dated it and its going on my refrigerator at home so my family can help keep me in line. I'm grateful I found this neighborhood and that Kaye wrote the book. I'm a book and in print kinda gal'.

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Congratulations Kaye!
I just received my book and read it cover to cover.
It is so friendly and so well written.
It is inspiring too. Your encouragement has opened my eyes to go back to the bare bones basics.
-- N A

Lovely. I have my book in hand and it is lovely. I am sure that many will be greatly inspired by this additional "tool". Kaye, thank you for including me in the acknowledgments, I'm touched. If Oprah calls and wants the Sarge to make an appearance, please be sure to let her know that I'm available.

For Newbies. Got mine today also! I've only just opened it, but even though I'm just getting started it looks like there information in there that I can use. Thanks and congratulations Kaye!
--Papa John

Oh my goodness you guys I've only thumbed through it and it's WONDERFUL!! WOW Wouldjya just look at all the new recipes?? How cool. Kaye, this is fantastic. It's something that has been a long time comin' and it's a really WONDERFUL thing!! You've done such a marvelous job and I'm proud to be one'a your "subjects". Very proud!
-- ~Jane~

I got my book, I got my book, I got my book. I feel like I now have a plan to get myself back under control. I have just about read it all. So professional looking and so full of great information. I am going to get my list ready. Thank you to everyone that worked on it. I feel so much hope versus the shame I have felt about gaining.
-- Diamond Girl

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