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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Advantages of Losing Weight

I picked up a magazine "Diet 2009" published by Better Homes and Gardens a few days ago to read-up and ready myself for the New Year, New Resolve, New Hope. On page 56 there is a short article and checklist to identify good reasons for weight loss (or -my addition- healthy weight management.) The list is the work of one of my favorite experts, Judith Beck.She is the director of the Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy and Research. According to this article the "Advantages List" provides powerful motivation for a dieter to stay on track and avoid temptation." Her sample Advantages List appears below. Check the items that are most important to you or add your own, then write them on a note card to review often.


I want to lose weight because:
__ I'll look better
__ I'll be more attractive to others
__ I'll be able to wear a smaller size
__ I'll be able to wear more stylish clothes
__ I'll be happier when I look in the mirror
__ I'll get joy out of shopping for clothes
__ I won't feel so self-conscious
__ I'll get more compliments
__ I'll be in better health
__ I'll be able to exercise without discomfort or embarrassment
__ I'll live longer
__ I'll feel better physically
__ I'll have more energy
__ I'll be more physically fit
__ I'll enjoy sexual intimacy more
__ I'll like myself more
__ I'll feel more in control
__ I'll feel as if I've accomplished something important
__ I'll have more confidence
__ I'll increase my self-esteem
__ I'll be less self-critical
__ I'll feel more outgoing
__ I won't have to listen to comments about what I eat
__ I won't mind eating in front of others
__ I won't have anyone bugging me about my weight

I think this is a great list and together we can add more to create a collective Neighborhood Advantages List. So please add your Advantage here.... I am ready to be inspired. Go to the LivingAfterWLS Neighborhood

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cschoen said...

Thank you for this awesome post - the kind of thing I need to print out and have nearby!