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Friday, December 12, 2008

Fun Friday! Celebrating Kindness

Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Fun Friday Neighbors!

Today our weekly Fun Friday game celebrates one of the great joys of the season: kindness. Our soon-to-arrive Neighbor Papa John asks you to share your experiences as you have received kindness from others, particularly strangers. There is so much dark and dismal news in our world these days. What a blessing to take respite from the gloom and celebrate goodness, hope, and the goodwill of mankind. Please join us and put a little FUN in your Friday! Go here: Fun Friday December 12. And for more inspiration be sure and read Papa John's Blog: Musing & Meanderings. Special thanks goes to our vivacious Fun Friday Hostess SongBirdDiane. She tirelessly gathers questions, posts the topics and ensures winners get fabulous prizes provided by our Neighbors. Thanks Diane!

There Christmas Treeare some other great topics in the Neighborhood during this busy time of year. Whether you are struggling or thriving or just hanging in there you have a friend you understand in the Neighborhood. Take a look at some of these hot topics:

Protein Drinks & the 30-Minute Rule

Poll: Christmas Music - Love it or Hate it?

Struggling with evening munchies? Visit Kitchen is Closed

Body Image issues? Go here: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall....., Who the heck is that woman looking back at me????

Holiday Ornament Swap - Have you sent your swap yet?

Share the journey: LivingAfterWLS Neighborhood Blogs

Holiday Traditions: The Christmas Tree

Struggling with Protein intake? You are not alone.

Ladies & Iron Infusions

5 Day Pouch Test: Approved Recipes

5 Day Pouch Test Owner's Manual - Have you received yours yet?

Please join us in the Neighborhood today and every day. Remember, you are never alone in this journey and the Neighborhood is your safe haven circle of friends.

Happy Holiday Cheers!


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