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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Day 6 after the 5 Day Pouch Test

Good Morning Neighbors! Once in a while there comes a post in the Neighborhood that makes me do the Happy Dance (literally) and this is one of them. Our new Neighbor and friend Beverley, who arrived way back in 2000, just finished the 5 Day Pouch Test. Here is what she has to say about her results and her enthusiasm to move forward. Go ahead and join me in doing the Happy Dance! And Way to Go Beverley!!!

Read the entire conversation in the Neighborhood

Day 6 I've lost 6.5 lbs cool0012.gif cool0012.gif cool0012.gif I'M still totally PUMPED over the new lease on life I have found. love0003.gif I'm surprised at how quickly these 5 days (5 Day Pouch Test) have gone by and how easy I found it.

5 Day Pouch Test Owner's Manual

What Changes I have made in the last 5 days (and still working on).-I now write down everything that passes my lips, no more mindless eating... that leads to snacking and grazing.-I am jotting down how I feel, what my trigger emotions are... what my trigger foods are.
-I've become aware of Slider Foods, always wondered why some foods just go down so easy and can go down in
mega portions ("Up-size that please" no more of that!!) I now consider "Slider Foods" an ex lover, cool-smiley-013.gif MY NEW LOVER IS PROTEIN. love0052.gif love-smiley-061.gif
-Work my tool (that almost sounds dirty), recognize how my pouch feels, I'm looking for a slight fullness now. I was one of those kids that were told to "clean your plate"... I'm an adult now and I'm in control of my intake so "push it away and throw it in the garbage" I give myself permission to do this!!

-Smaller bites and chew, chew, chew, be mind full of the amount I put in my mouth and chew till mush, that sounds gross to someone who is 9 yrs out BUT if that's what it takes mush it is!! Huh...old dogs can learn new tricks!!

The big one THE 4 RULES
- Follow the 30-/-30
- 64 oz water at least
- Protein, Protein, Protein, Protein
- Back to exercising
-I've broke the CarbMonster cycle cool-smiley-013.gif I'm in control of that CarbMonster, but most of all over my pouch. I will make this tool work for me again! I am in control. Yahooooo party0002.gif
- Planning my meals ahead of time weighing and measuring my food no more eyeballing it, my eyes are waaay bigger than my pouch.. 2 eyes, 1 pouch.. hmmmmm.
- I will begin to WEIGH DAILY. Ignorance is bliss, but not when your NOT watching - and the # on scales creep up... Last week I was opposed to getting on the scale daily.

All this in 5 days WOW, this is a big deal for me. I was aware of most of these things for about 10 mins after my WLS. I'm sure as I continue I will have lots more to add to this list... but for now this is what I am focusing on.

laughing-smiley-011.gif ** THANK YOU all so much for your support and encouragement and most of all to my buddy girly, we did it laughing-smiley-011.gif

Day 6 and Going Forward!! Come join us action-smiley-065.gif love0028.gif Girly and Dee are joining me in this- Day 6 and Going Forward journey. - you are welcome to join at any time at whatever stage of the 5DPT you are in.

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, so my plan is to stay on the 6th day of this plan on till the 22nd of this month, this will make it a full 21 days of proper eating...breaking old habits and creating new ones. In this time frame if I fall off the wagon I will go back to day 1&2. I love the soups anyways. 21 days to break a habit is my short term goal.... life/forever is my Day 6 long term goal. Hey girls, we've already got 6-7 days in so thats just 14-15 more to go, we can do it!! party0003.gif

I see there's lots of good recipes for day 6 food, and I understand the 2b/1b and will work on that, as well as continuing what I've been doing last 5 Days. eg 30-0-30.

LivingAfterWLS Online Recipe Collection

I plan to discover what Low-Glycemic fruits and vegs are good for me... Lord knows I have enough diet books this should be fairly easy ( there's the net as well)*" I have the tools and I will use them."*

The Neighborhood Cookbook

I have never had a real structured time to eat my meals before .... I'm thinking this is something worth changing in this 21 Days eg. eating every 2-3 hrs not just when I'm hungry *"if you fail to plan, be prepaired to fail" * I will concentrate on making changes on my bad habits like eating to fast and not chewing my food enough.I plan to continue to post my food and H2o intake daily because it keeps me accountable. I'm thinking 1000 cal a day and 100g protein. Any suggestions here... too many cal, too much protein ?????

I am wondering if there are any other tips for day 6 and onward? I know this question has been asked soooo many times before... but hey this is my first time to ask !!!!! angel-smiley-002.gif

Secrets of Day 6 & Beyond -- Neighborhood Conversation

21 days to break a habit is my short term goal- life is my long term goal. When I first had my surgery not one grain of sugar passed these lips, It was years ago but I remember it like it was Yesterday. I had surgery in Jan and the following Dec I was at a party *looking fine* and there was a tray of sweets being passed and around... I indulged. That was it for me!
That was the past and I CAN DO THIS AGAIN, RIGHT NOW and SUCCEED!!!

I have found some Motto's on various posts that I'm using... more tools ....if they were yours... thank you.

*"food is my fuel, not my friend"* *"if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail"* *" I have the tools and I will use them."*

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cowgirlfromhanna said...

Wonderful! THANK YOU! The 5 day pouch tool has saved my sanity! I would be lost without it! I can stick to this 21 day plan easily! THANK YOU!!!