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Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Neighborhood Cookbook

Hello Neighbors!

Last week, on the same day, I received two emails. The first asked, "This Neighborhood Cookbook: Does it have recipes my family can eat?" and the second email exclaimed, "Thank you for the Neighborhood Cookbook! I use it all the time to cook for my family and they don't know they are eating WLS food, they love the recipes."

I use The Neighborhood Cookbook a lot and I'm biased - it is a great resource. I also have the good fortune to cook for a husband, and occasionally our extended family, all of whom are good eaters with few requirements or complaints. So to read that others are using the Neighborhood Cookbook as an effective tool in their long-term commitment to healthy eating with weight loss surgery is a tremendous compliment and a testament to this community collection of recipes. The cookbook is now in it's 3rd printing with over 2,000 books having shipped to every state in the Union and internationally as well.

Learn more about The Neighborhood Cookbook

This last weekend I put together a summer picnic menu from the Neighborhood Cookbook. You won't find potato salad or German chocolate cake, but you will find a nutritionally balanced meal the whole family can enjoy. Take a look:

Appetizer: Deluxe Deviled Eggs (page 28)
Main Dish: Chicken with Plum Barbecue Sauce (page 109)
Salad: 3 Bean Salad (page 59) or Dutch Cucumber Salad (page 67)
Side or Snack: Dill Pickle Snack (page 40)
Dessert: Raspberry Cream Tarts (page 162) or Summer Fruit Tart (page 166)

This menu served 8 people including four hungry teenagers. Nobody asked for chips, crackers, potatoes, pasta or even ice cream. Everyone left happy and satiated. It is possible to feed our families and friends well without cooking a completely different meal for them than what we fix for ourselves. And healthy mindful cooking takes us one step closer to keeping the next generation out of the surgical weight loss operating room.

In addition to our beautifully presented spiral bound Neighborhood Cookbook you can get recipes at the LivingAfterWLS Kitchen and in the Neighborhood Community Kitchen.


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